The Junk Brothers

The Junk Brothers

In this fast-paced series, curbside furniture is saved from the garbage dump and transformed into incredible new pieces. Once finished, the re-purposed items are secretly returned to their owners.


The ultimate re-purposers, Jim and Steve Kelley are “the Junk Brothers.” In this fun and fast-paced television series, the brothers stealthily save curbside cast-off furniture from the garbage dump under cover of night and transform them into incredible new pieces that maintain a hint of their former battered selves. Once complete, our dynamic duo silently returns the newly designed items to their original homes and vanish as quickly as they came, not wanting any glory for their good deed.  They head off down the street happily unacknowledged as the homeowners gush over their restored furniture.

Season 1: 26×30:00 | HD & Season 2: 26×30:00 | HD




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