Gusto Worldwide Media is the world’s leading producer of native 4K food and cooking series, but that’s not the only format on our menu. From in-studio cooking series featuring creative recipes and entertaining hosts to fascinating doc and reality series about food culture and sustainability, Gusto Worldwide Media has the engaging and delicious food content that your viewers crave, available in the format of your choice. Whether you’re looking for a food series in 4K, HD or SD, we have it all.

We’re also marketing overachievers.

Only Gusto Worldwide Media offers you a turnkey packages with multi-platform content and marketing solutions, including original webisodes, tested recipes, stunning talent and high-res food photography.

4K Content

  • Michael Bonacini standing in front of a barn

    Michael Bonacini’s Christmas at the Farm

    Chef Michael Bonacini invites us to his warm farm retreat where he interprets Welsh and Italian Christmas dishes.

  • Host holding a clock

    Spencer’s BIG 30

    A fast-paced cooking series featuring healthy, hearty meals for four made in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars.

  • Flour Power host holding a meringue pie

    Flour Power

    A glamorous baking series that celebrates the uncomplicated love of creating delectable desserts.

  • Latin Kitchen hosts standing in rustic kitchen.

    The Latin Kitchen

    Featuring three charming hosts, this inspiring series is an upbeat half hour of traditional culinary favourites from Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela.

  • Vegetarian host Desiree Nielson with vegetables

    The Urban Vegetarian

    A stylish food series featuring modern host Desiree Nielsen who transforms everyday veggies into delightful dishes and bakes up decadent desserts.

  • one world kitchen hosts

    One World Kitchen

    A visually stunning food series featuring delicious international cuisines (Italian, Indian, Thai, Argentinian & Japanese).

  • Fish the Dish host Spencer Watts

    Fish the Dish

    Seafood has never been this fun! High energy host Spencer Watts charms viewers with delicious and easy to make fish recipes.

  • A is for Apple

    In this fun, fast-paced cooking series, three hip, young chefs feature ingredients from a different letter of the alphabet in each episode plus a crea

  • A man and his dog in the forrest

    Crate to Plate

    Food ingredients often take incredible and surprising journeys to get from harvest to plate.

  • Game day hosts Spencer and Robert stand back to back

    Spencer and Robert’s Game Day Buffet

    An entertaining special shot in 4K featuring two funny hosts who work together to cook up a storm for their game-watching buddies.

  • Spencer stands at a counter full of food

    Watts Up for the Holidays: Spencer’s Ultimate Christmas Recipes

    A cheerful holiday special hosted by charming bachelor Spencer Watts who lets you in on his secrets to create the ultimate holiday meal.

  • Four One World Kitchen hosts in red dresses

    One World Kitchen Bakes the Holidays

    A sweet holiday special featuring One World Kitchen’s beautiful baked treats from Italy, Japan, Thailand and Argentina.

HD Content

  • four people holding plates of food

    Road Grill

    Ex-professional football player, Matt Dunigan, is passionate about grillin’ and he is taking BBQ on the road

  • The Junk Brothers standing behind a barbecue

    The Junk Brothers

    In this fast-paced series, curbside furniture is saved from the garbage dump and transformed into incredible new pieces

SD Content

  • This Food That Wine hosts

    This Food That Wine

    Chef Angie MacRae & sommelier Stacey Metulynsky give you food & wine pairings that are easy to make and impressive to serve.

  • People around a table

    The Edible Roadshow

    This fun, hip series follows food connoisseur Carlo Rota in his gastronomic adventure across Canada.

  • Rob Rainford, host of Licence to Grill, standing by his barbecue

    Licence to Grill

    This series inspires outdoor BBQ enthusiasts to go beyond simple steak and burgers to create their own outdoor feasts.

  • A chef holds a pot in front of a cameraman

    Cook Like a Chef

    This innovative series features 5 young chefs as they explore and explain cooking techniques.