ATF Spotlight: Gusto TV

Olive rice cracker crusted Tuna

ATF Spotlight: Gusto TV

Food series are the main attraction that Gusto TV is serving up at ATF.

A is for Apple is a cooking challenge show that sees three chefs select ingredients based on letters of the alphabet. Seafood dishes are demystified in Fish the Dish. Five chefs from different culinary backgrounds showcase Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Argentinean cuisine in One World Kitchen.

Chris Knight, Gusto TV’s president and CEO, says, “All of these series are shot in 4K, are informative and fun, and feature great hosts and recipes. We offer turnkey multiplatform content and marketing solutions.” These include short programs (webisodes), recipes, onair promos and highresolution food photography. “Our shows are shot in English but are designed for easy versioning into other languages,” he notes.

Knight adds, “Gusto is two years old and this is our first time at ATF. We’re eager to learn more about audience preferences and buyer needs in the region, and hope to make many new friends at ATF.”

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