David Goldstein

David Goldstein – Chief Operating Officer

David brings almost three decades of experience across the Canadian media and travel sectors. Formerly a senior executive with CHUM Limited and CTVglobemedia (now Bell Media), for the last five years, he served as President and CEO of Destination Canada – Canada’s global tourism marketing and sales agency – mounting multi-channel marketing campaigns domestically and in 13 international markets, with attributable revenues nearly $2B CND per year.

In his role at Destination Canada, he lead the transition from the “Canadian Tourism Commission,” a traditional tourism marketing board, to “Destination Canada” a media-like producer and distributor of digital programmatic marketing, including the global digital content strategy, working with media players like: Amazon, New York Times, Conde Nast, Nat GEO, The Guardian, Le Monde, Weibo, and Tencent.

In 2019, David led the re-launch of Canada’s new global brand strategy, “Canada: For Glowing Hearts,” considered at the forefront of “transformational” tourism marketing.

David is a certified governance expert with the Institute for Corporate Directors; he has extensive experience in global brand management, corporate strategy, team building, communications and driving global marketing and sales campaigns that create demonstrable international growth.

He is a passionate amateur chef, and loves skiing with his family, but has long given up hopes of keeping up with his daughters on the slopes.

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