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5 easy & delightful desserts for valentine’s day

Because nothing says “I love you” like lemon raspberry sticky buns and mini tiramisu donuts! After all, the most important ingredient in baking is love (and these desserts are guaranteed delicious sugar fix).  

If you’re in need of more inspiration, don’t forget to join us on Valentine’s Day for our all-day Flour Power marathon.

Here are 5 deliciously delightful desserts you can make this Valentine’s Day. 

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Whether you’re baking for yourself, your friend, or a special person in your life, these glazed sticky buns say ‘My love for you is bunstoppable”. 

These mini potted peach melba pies are equal parts adorable and tender, flaky pastry. They surely say ‘You’re the apple of my pie!’ to the special person in your life. 

If you’re a coffee in desserts person like us, you’ll love these mini tiramisu donuts. Donut worry, be happy. 🍩

A super simple, but show-stopping dessert. Using store-bought ladyfingers makes this dessert a piece of cake.

The perfect mix of sweet chocolate and fresh ricotta, these babkas are so good fresh out of the oven. For foodies, there’s nothing better than being the loaf of someone’s life 🍞

Happy Valentine’s Day, Gusto TV foodies! We’re glad food brings us together. Don’t forget to tag us @gustotv on your recipe creations. 

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