The Edible Roadshow

The Edible Roadshow

Join host Carlo Rota as he travels Canada, the world’s second largest country, in search of gastronomic adventures. The breathtaking scenery coupled with mouth-watering recipes is a Canadian journey that you don’t want to miss!


Food connoisseur Carlo Rota hosts The Edible Roadshow – a gastronomic adventure across Canada. In a fun, hip style, Rota explores regional and ethnic influences around various locales. Take in Canada’s breathtaking scenery while learning about Canada’s mouth-watering cuisine. Learn everything from the art of the pig roast in Southwestern Ontario, foraging for porcini mushrooms in the Gatineau Hills, discovering whether Regina is the pizza capital of the world, to catching and preparing Giant Bluefin Tuna in Prince Edward Island.

Seasons 1-5: 65 x 30:00, SD


  • 200 recipes



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