Gusto TV series headed for South Korea’s UMAX

Stuffed Pepper from A is for Apple

Gusto TV series headed for South Korea’s UMAX

Gusto TV’s production and distribution arm Gusto Worldwide Media has sold the channel’s original series A is for Apple to South Korean broadcaster UMAX.

Launched in April 2014 as the world’s very first dedicated 4K channel, UMAX is owned and operated by VOD/UHD content aggregator Cable TV VOD Corporation (a.k.a Homechoice), and provides films, dramas, documentaries, animation, and music programming to viewers.

A is for Apple (30 x 30’) features three young chefs who base their recipes on letters of the alphabet.  Each episode begins with one of the chefs randomly choosing a letter of the alphabet and then shopping for two ingredients that start with that letter, with results that include intriguing combinations such as apples and anchovies, bananas and bacon, and vanilla and vinegar.  They then create dishes that showcase each ingredient on its own before drawing on their creativity and intuition to come up with one amazing mash-up dish that is as delicious as it is unexpected.

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