Gusto TV cooks by the Letter

A is for Apple host Lauren Gulyas

Gusto TV cooks by the Letter

Tune into a new TV show Monday to see what a young chef from Ottawa can cook up with vanilla and vinegar, or strawberries and salmon, or even quinoa and quail.

A is for Apple is the name of a new series by Ottawa-based Gusto TV and, as you might guess, the theme is for each of three hosts to pick a letter of the alphabet then choose two ingredients starting with that letter for each 30-minute episode.

“We cooked one recipe with one of the ingredients, a second with the other, then a third dish that used both ingredients,” says Lauren Gulyas, 29, of Ottawa. “You’re kind of flying by the seat of your pants, but it was so much fun.”

Gulyas, who grew up in Ottawa, studying drama at Canterbury High School and culinary arts at Algonquin College before working under Chris Deraiche at Wellington Gastropub and Steve Mitton at Murray Street, stars in the first episode, at 8 p.m. Monday.

“My first letter is V,” says Gulyas, who now works at the acclaimed The Hubb Eatery & Lounge in Prince Edward County. “I did a play on fish and chips, using malt vinegar; a classic crème brûlée with vanilla; then sponge toffee, which uses both vinegar and vanilla — that was very exciting.”

Gulyas says she was particularly pleased with how her “fish and chips” turned out.

“I spiralized the potato, then soaked it in malt vinegar before wrapping the fish in the potato with a bit of flour and pan frying it. It was really nice and crunchy on all sides and it has that nice acidity that worked well with the fish. It’s something I would do again at home.”

The other two hosts are from Toronto and Calgary.

Chris Knight, president of Gusto TV, says the fast-paced show is aimed at millennials. “We want them to have some fun with the ingredients and think outside the lunchbox.”

Gusto’s first series, One World Kitchen, this week won an international Gold Panda award for “Most innovative Lifestyle Show” at the Sichuan TV Festival in Chengdu, China.

Episodes of A is for Apple will air at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. each weeknight for three weeks. Find it on Bell TV, Bell Fibe, Eastlink, Optik TV, TELUS Satellite or MTS. You can also find past episodes and recipes at

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