Gusto TV cooks up new original productions for Mipcom 2015

Duck Carpaccio from Gusto TV's One World Kitchen

Gusto TV cooks up new original productions for Mipcom 2015

Independent food and lifestyle channel Gusto TV has prepped five new original food series for Mipcom next month.

All Gusto series are 4K and HD and come packaged with webisodes, marketing materials, social media calendars, recipes and high resolution photos.  The series include:

– Fish – The Adventure (Season 1 6×30, 4K and HD)  An adventure docu-series where thrill-seeker chef is on an epic quest to experience the single best “fish experience” of his life, from catch to plate.

– Fish – The Dish (15×30’, 4K and HD + 60 webisodes/recipes)  Cooking series celebrates and demystifies cooking seafood. Accompanied by 60+ recipes with webisodes and gorgeous food photography.

– Crate to Plate (6×30’, 4K and HD)  Food ingredients often take exciting journeys to get from harvest to plate. This creative and entertaining series meets the people whose lives are shaped by the food that others grow, sell and eat.

– One World Kitchen (30×30’, 4K and HD + 120 webisodes/recipes)  Visually stunning, this series is a stylish new take on the conventional cooking series featuring five global cuisines (Italian, Argentinian, Thai, Japanese and Indian) with five passionate and articulate hosts (pictured).

– A is for Apple (30×30’, 4K and HD + 60 webisodes/recipes)  Three young, hip hosts explore the world of food and ingredients with lots of recipes and tips, all from a one-of-a-kind high concept set.

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