Gusto TV launches Fish the Dish with Spencer Watts

Perch perogies from Fish the Dish

Gusto TV launches Fish the Dish with Spencer Watts

West coast chef Spencer Watts is a long way from the seafood he grew up with in Vancouver. To fans of coastal cuisine land-locked, Ottawa might seem like an odd place to host a show dedicated to cooking fish.
But Watts said he’s had no trouble making it work, and has been impressed by both local fish and local restaurants.
“Seafood is a part of my soul,” he explained, taking a quick break from filming local culinary food channel Gusto TV’s latest series, “Fish the Dish.”

The concept behind the show is making fish and seafood approachable for amateur cooks. The dishes covered span seafood from coast to coast, including species you’d find in our own local waters.
“There’s some things that I haven’t used a lot and it’s really nice to work with those fish and try and fall in love with it,” he said. “Perch is a good example, Pickerel, the Walleye – I totally get it, it’s a terrific fish.”

“Everybody is into salmon and crabs and stuff, but I had a bite of that fish and was sold on it,” he said.

A variety of other species show up in the show of course, including a comparison of different regional salmons.
“It’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s bubbly and we highlight lots of Canadian fish,” said Watts.
Fish the Dish is still filming in Westboro this week and will air on Gusto TV in early 2016.

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