Gusto Worldwide Media preps new way to search for food content

OTTAWA – Gusto Worldwide Media is behind a new online platform that it says will revolutionize the way people search and interact with recipes, food, and media.

The company said Thursday that it has a patent pending for the platform, nicknamed the “hour glass”, and will soon be in the beta testing phase. The patent pending will be available for international licensing once the platform is deployed in 2020.

Gusto added that the platform is anchored by a never-before-seen recipe search engine based on an algorithm that it developed over the last six years that removes the “inconvenience” of cross-referencing multiple websites when users search for food content.

“You’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve spoken at two conferences recently to discuss the viewers’ experience and this platform is a game changer,” said president and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media Chris Knight, in the news release. “This is so revolutionary that we took the practical step of filing for a patent before going into beta testing.”

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