Michael Bonacini’s Christmas at the Farm

Michael Bonacini’s Christmas at the Farm

In this heartwarming one-hour holiday special, celebrity Chef Michael Bonacini invites us to his cozy farmhouse in Canada, for a charming Christmas feast. In this scenic winter retreat, Chef Bonacini interprets classic Welsh and Italian Christmas dishes from his childhood. Michael cooks up comforting dishes from hearty potato leek soup, to succulent roast lamb, to classic molten chocolate lava cake. As he explores homey Christmas flavours, Michael shares his traditions and gives tips for perfecting the holiday meal. With its festive theme and comforting atmosphere, MICHAEL BONACINI’S CHRISTMAS AT THE FARM introduces you to dishes guaranteed to delight and satisfy your loved ones.

Special: 1 x 60:00, 4K


  • 9 webisodes

  • 10 original recipes

  • High resolution food and host photography