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Gusto TV Launches on Philo in the US

Ottawa, Canada, September 8, 2021 – Gusto TV is further expanding into the United States as they launch their channel on Philo, the lifestyle-focused TV streaming service. As of today, Philo subscribers across the US will have access to Gusto TV’s mouthwatering catalogue of content.

“Philo’s commitment to providing the best TV viewing experience combined with Gusto TV’s award-winning food programming is a recipe for success,” says Chris Knight, CEO and President of Gusto Worldwide Media.

Philo is a streaming service that offers subscribers a package of 60+ top-rated television channels. As one of Philo’s free bonus channels, all Philo subscribers can watch Gusto TV’s linear channel and VOD content wherever they are in the U.S. on whatever platform they watch Philo — via web, mobile or streaming device.

“We are excited to announce an expansion of Philo’s FAST (Free-Ad-Supported-TV) channels which we launched in April, by adding Gusto TV to our line-up,” said Mike Keyserling COO and Head of Content Acquisition at Philo. “Philo subscribers love food-related programming and we are happy to expand the offering by including Gusto TV in the line-up.”

Gusto TV will be added alongside Philo’s existing FAST channels Bloomberg and Revry as well as today’s other new FAST launches, Players TV, Ryan and Friends, and

Gusto TV is streaming on dozens of platforms around the world. Check out the Watch Now page to catch Gusto TV’s mouth-watering culinary programming.

Food is the one true global language, and Gusto speaks all dialects.

About Gusto TV

Gusto TV is the world’s best food television channel. From in-studio cooking series featuring creative recipes and dynamic hosts to fascinating documentary and reality series about food culture and sustainability, Gusto TV delivers a diverse mix of engaging and inspiring cooking programming that resonates globally. Gusto TV’s internationally acclaimed series include DNA Dinners, One World Kitchen, and Crate to Plate.


Inspired by Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of electronic television, Philo was created to build a better TV experience. The company started in the college market and is available nationwide, offering subscribers dozens of top-rated television channels for a low monthly subscription. In addition to being the first entertainment-focused streaming TV service, Philo offers live TV, unlimited DVR, on-demand, and content from top programmers all available on Android devices and Android TV, Fire Tablets and Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS/iPad, Roku, PC/Mac web browsers, and Chromecast with Android functionality. Philo currently offers 60+ channels for $25 and allows three separate streams on three different devices with up to 10 profiles. Philo features a streamlined interface, intelligent search, and the ability to easily send your favorite shows to friends – right from within the platform. Philo is based in San Francisco, with offices in New York and Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit

Media Contact for Gusto TV

Stephanie Swart – Marketing Manager


Media Contacts for PHILO

Camille Schmidt –  Director of Communications

Michele Husak –  Head of Communications

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