Christmas with Bonacini

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Christmas with Bonacini

Christmas with Bonacini is a charming one-hour holiday special featuring celebrity chef Michael Bonacini and his son Oscar.

From his festive kitchen, Michael cooks up an elegant and flavour-filled feast with a menu that includes a fragrant Steam Roasted Goose with Sage and Apple Stuffing, Pistachio Honey Carrots, and Crispy Tarragon Leaf Potatoes. Oscar then joins his father to prepare their family’s favourite dessert, a warm Pear and Ginger Tart.

Michael inspires with his favourite Christmas recipes that will add a twinkle of sophistication to your dinner table while lifting holiday spirits.

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Celebrity Chef Michael Bonacini is the co-founder of one of Canada’s leading fine dining restaurant companies, Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants, operating 11 unique and innovative restaurants in Ontario….

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