DNA Dinners

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DNA Dinners

2020 TASTE AWARD winner and HONOREE

DNA Dinners is a ground-breaking series that explores the diverse heritages of 16 individuals with a twist. Watch as they discover their roots through DNA analysis and celebrate them through cooking.

In each episode, engaging host Tyrone Edwards introduces us to one individual who would like to know more about their ancestry. Tyrone surprises each person with the results of their revolutionary DNA test. Following the big reveal, this individual explores their newfound background as they meet with an expert chef who shares iconic dishes and cooking techniques from their culture. As a celebration of their newfound heritage, the meal is then shared at a family party where Tyrone shocks everyone with one final surprise.

Through the exploration of cultures and cuisines, DNA Dinners reveals that food connects us to our history, and ultimately, will always bring us together.

Available with Mandarin subtitles and as a format!

Season 1

A ground-breaking new series that explores the diverse heritages of 16 individuals as they discover their ancestry through DNA analysis and celebrate it through cooking.

Available with Mandarin subtitles!


With his extensive pop culture knowledge and an innate ability to ease his guests into intimate and candid conversation, Tyrone Edwards brings his expertise to Canada’s most-watched entertainment program, ETALK….

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