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USA: Gusto TV launches on Plex

October 6, 2020 –Gusto Worldwide Media announced the launch of its Gusto TV channel on Live TV on Plex, available to users in the USA.

Serving 20 million registered users, Plex is a service that offers more than 100 free live TV channels and thousands of hours of free on-demand movies and shows, with availability that varies by region. 

‘Our passion is high-quality, diverse food programming and now Plex viewers will be able to sample the best food programming in the world. Perhaps more than ever, food is central to everyone’s daily experience, and at Gusto we provide a culinary experience and cultural tour of the world without ever having to leave the kitchen,’ said  Chris Knight , CEO and President of Gusto Worldwide Media , featuring more than 900 hours of original cooking programming, broadcast on more than a dozen platforms around the world.

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